Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Aleene Goat Memory Page
Another Memory Page From "In The Yard" by Mitsybelle. Well it isn't such a new kit now I have gotten way behind. She has another Cool Kit out called "In The Den" and it is still On Sale! Back to this Sweet Sweet Memory Page!!! It is Called June Flowers. The Stars of this LO are Aleene the Headliner. Truffles in the Supporting Role and Triscut is our Character actress today.
Aleene Loves to pet the Goats and always heads for the Kids. Since Snickers has gone into I don't need Humans Mood. Well that is unless it is Feeding Time. .. Aleene had to find another Goat to Pet. Believe me she Gave It Her All, Hiking all over the hillside to pet them.
If you are looking at this memory page scratching your head thinking how did she do that. Well Truffles is a clipping mask on a flower from the kit. The Photo matte is a paper from the kit Clipped onto an enlarged flower. The Frame is just pushed and pulled until I liked the shape. The Font is "Cafe Rojo" That has been all Squished and Stretched with a Little Style Here and a Little Style There. The Title has also been Drop Shadowed and Duplicated to get the layered effect.

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ranchlamb said...

Hey Mom, This page came out really cute!