Thursday, July 2, 2009

July Desk Top LO
~~~~I did it again this month LOL
I made a desk top LO For Mitsybelle's Challenge at SAS The Template and Papers were provided.
Ah why did I spend half the day on this little ditty, I will never use after this month. hmmm I don't know but maybe someone else in the family will enjoy it on there Desk top.
I have to admit that since I was so tired it was nice to just sit here and play with the Atomic Cupcake Actions. I used Burnt Edge which was annoying because I kept having to hit the enter key. Ugh on that one. Then there was the Gold action but my sun template was to small to work so I just ran the action on a bigger square and then used a clipping mask and some blending to get a cool look. I also played with the cardboard action on the little cloud-zoom it was finished. he he he . Ok so I did recycle the photo cluster from the LO before but why go all new photo on it when I will never print it. LOL

I have a special Gifty to make for after the 4th. I believe the 7th is the reveal. So you won't see the announcement here. he he he

My Big Plans for this special weekend are to spend the weekend working on the rental. That is right no 4th Celebration for me. There is no one to Celebrate With. My son offered to take me to the Fairgrounds where I can sit on a blanket by myself and watch everyone else. No Thanks I don't need to be reminded that I am alone on the Holidays, as usual. So I guess it will be play catch up on the computer or work on the mobile. Witch would be a good thing since it is looking more and more like I will move back to the ranch. Time will tell if things work out in my other world. After some much needed tractor work I should know where I stand in Oregon. I Really don't want to live here at The Ranch with the other person that is not really in my life any more. Some day God will drop someone on my Oakridge Oregon Door Step to buy the place and I can get a place of my own where I can live with my animals in Peace. Oh That Will Be The Day! I so want to not look like I live out of my truck.

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