Saturday, June 27, 2009

Oakridge Memory Page
~~~It's another Great Mitsybelle Kit "In The Yard" So many fun things to do with this new kit and this is all I could come up with. You can see many Awesome pages made from this kit in Mitsybelles Gallery at SAS! My creativity has been drained, do to all the stress this past winter and an Extra Dose this month. I went looking through my Projects started folder and found these Fun Photos. Since these pics where about cleaning up the Back Yard in Oakridge I decided to drop this kit on them. Surprise Surprise the boast and mule match the colors of the kit. :0) This memory page is the perfect example of turning work into play! This boat was one of the treasures that came with my house. It has since migrated to the ranch. Like so many things that I acquired with my house. Shawn even took it to work one day to do some repair work in a pond. We were all excited to find out that not only did it float but it did hardly take in any water :0) Lucky for them. he he he

Hot Hot Hot
Boy is it Hot here at the ranch today. The animals didn't even go to bed until 8:30pm. We had a close call with one of the Kids Today!!!! Poor Sara was so miserable in the heat that she just could not find the perfect spot to stay cool. During the heat of the day she left the babies in the barn and went to one of her favorite shady spots. When her boys woke up and went to look for her, the heat was to much for the little on and he fell down in the hottest spot in the paddock. Luckily he started Screaming Like It Was the End Of The World, Which it would have been for him. You guessed it, I found him flat out in the hot sun panting like there was no tomorrow. Enough was enough and I dipped both boys legs in the cool water and then promptly made Sara a new bed in the Goat Barn and locked her in her favorite spot. Where they spend the rest of the day quit content. Sometime letting the goats have there independence & toughen up is not such a good thing. That is why I come back to the ranch for the kids first few weeks. Tonight Sara has the air conditioner on whether she likes it or not! I did compromise and set the the thermostat at about 85

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