Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Am In The SAS Spotlight

A Memory Page From Scratch
Getting Closer To Being a Designer
~~~~I have been working at this memory page for a while now. Tonight while I was finishing up that teedious task of clean up the HD, EHDs and all those pesky BUs I didn't get rid of when I BU again. LOL. Well I came accross this cute little pony that Melynda made me. Then I remembered this picture from just a short while ago. Of course a light came on as I thought about those mommies that prompted me to make a Goat Story Book. So out popped this finished page!
Do You Want To Make This Page?
I am in the Spotlight of the SAS Newsletter & my gifted to you is everything you need to put your kids in the pasture with my kids! Thats right all you have to do is go read the SAS Newsletter grab my QP from the link. Then plop the Quick Page in your program. Set your extracted picture where you want it. Grab one of 2 grass pngs that comes in the kit. Set the grass on your child. Grab a blending brush set to 300 and brush away at the top of the grass, so it looks like they are really in the pasture. That is it! So Easy and Fun! You will have a Story Book Page of your own! Have Fun With It!! By the way the Goats have names.. The little girl in the front is Carmel, the little girl in the upper right running is Pecan (my Avatar) & the boy on the top of the mountain flying the kite is Rusty. Papa to the kids you have seen in the last few memory pages. Pecan is yet to become a mommy. But I am sure you will see them when she does.
Another Designing Step
All these years I have taken photos and others art work and shoveling and messing with them to make my memory pages. I always thought it would be cool to Design my own kits. But didn't want to spend the time making all those elements from scratch. I mean really from scratch LOL. Oh this last week I have learned so much about how these things come together in easy peazy ways that blow what I was doing away!!!! LOL Awh but nothing beats a good element made totally from scratch. So back to today. After recoloring a Grey scale Ribbon on Saturday. Today I thought I would try layering a Grey Flower. So I grabbed a CU Flower from Jodi Watson & some Tissue Paper from Scrappin Cop and started Playing. This is what I made. I think it is pretty cool for my first one! But when I went to show it off it look so lonely. So I dropped my grass from the page above and then disected a vintage stick pin from Skrapper Digitals. Now my 1st Flower looks so Pretty Dancing on my Blog. LOL. Sorry not sharing this today. But the time will come when I will have a nice Freebie for you!Yes I do Copyright everything that goes on this blog. So Greedy Collecters Beware!


Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

i love the memory page and wow your really getting the hang of designing too! Great work!

JanW. said...

Congrats on the spot light!! Thanks for the QP, it is great.