Friday, April 30, 2010

Journal Camp
Memory Page
Blast From The Past
New House
NSD this Weekend
Right now you can join in on some Great Sales and Cropping Fun
There is always a Big Party at 
A Cherry On Top!
Plenty of Sales on all your Favorite Digi Supplies. I should really run one. I am so embarrassed. 
Journal Camp
Below You will Find My Journal Camp Memory Page.
Click on the add to your left and Get A Little Inspiration to Journal On Those Memory Pages!
You really should check out Journal Camp You might just Win a Coupon for one of your Favorite Designers Stores. There is one from me waiting for you there.
 Enjoy this Memory Page Created using the Elements and Papers I am Designing for my Country Girl Remake! This is a Blast from the Past When I Drug My Kids to the Country to learn about 
The Simple Life
of Hard Work. 
New House
We managed to move most of my Cool Things before the Thief's Broke The Gate Latch or made it in the Back Door. The Cool Things look Much Better Here at the New House!
Al is So Excited some time I wonder if he is going to rest. 
The Laundry Room is painted and the Washer and Dryer are in. So much laundry to do. There is even a place to fold the laundry right there next to the dryer. 
Tomorrow there is another trip to get a few more things that would be nice to have.  


UB said...

Wish I could switch to the country again......Stimulating blog.....

Nani said...

Great use of the JC template! Now I can't wait to see the Country Girl remake!!