Thursday, October 29, 2009

My First Store Sale
50% Off My Kits At
Scrap It Sassy
Wonderful Day
50% off October 30th - November 9th
You want to Hear about My Sale first I suppose? Did you download my Free kits during the SAS Designer Contest. Are you now wanting the New Improved Version of Grandpas Shop, Back Country or Best Buds? Well Pop on over to Scrap It Sassy and Grab them for 50% off. That is Right I am having a Grand Opening Sale at Scrap It Sassy! 50 % off October 30th - November 9th! I am taking the Secret Sassy Designer Class and part of that class is learning how to sell in a store. Again you gain from My Quest For Knowledge! There are some Beautiful Kits at Scrap it Sassy and they put out a Fantastic Newsletter! Best of all with this lesson you get Big Sale on my kits.
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Life In Oakridge
I have Been a bad Blogger I know..... But I have had much to do. We are getting a new Privacy Fence along the house. Yippeeee!!!! Feels So Good!!!

I have been Prepping my Laptop for a Trip to the Computer Doctor..... That means removing everything off my Hard Drive..... what a chore..... 200 GB to find room for or make sure I had already Backed Up. That chore finished I have now started the process of sending it off to be repaired. Staples has been wonderful about the Process! The return thing is a little over whelming for me! But Staples has walked me through it..

While Al and I were in town we had a Great Time Visiting. Met the Sweetest Man in Staples and just made me feel so much more confident about some decisions I made this past week. The next stop was Carls Jr where I have my Go To Town Comfort Food Stop. Mostly because the people are so nice there and they use Good Quality Ingredients, unlike some other Carls Jrs I have been to. Wish We Had A "Del Taco" or "Freash Mex" in Springfield! Back to Carls Jr. ;o) We were welcomed with a Big Smile at the door by the Assistant Manager. Then had a great time while Ordering (giggle). Found out that one lady had the same reactions to MSG as I did. Oh but alas New Customers arrived and we made our way to our table. The Food was Very Good as always and the staff was Very Attentive. I just Love that when people have a Good Work Ethic! Final Stop was Fred Myers where we met A nice lady and had a Fun Chat about how much we enjoyed Family Time when we were young. You Know back when Family Was Important!!! We reminisced about camping when we where kids. LOL Those where Great Times. We both had a few much needed laughs. Then come to find out her dad worked for the Southern Pacific Rail Road just like Al. So that led to more Great Conversation. But alas there was grocery shopping to be done and it was getting late. The trip home was very nice, hardly a car on the road. We got ahead of the rain storm and as always had the car unloaded just before the down pour. :O)
God Is Good!!!

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