Monday, October 19, 2009

Store and Kit Updates

I am just wetting your appetite here a little.

This is my November Clutter It Challenge Quick Page.

It matches the November Collab at Ivy Scraps which is where you will find this QP Free Very Soon. When I start my challenge for November.

You might recognize this QP from my Week 3 Contest Entry. It was QP1 and had a boo boo. Well now the Colors are more Pleasing to me and Probably you. I am also working on recoloring that Autumn Fest Kit It will be called Autumn Life. Keep your eye out for it. It will be Bigger and Better just like when I amped up Grandpa's Shop. hmmmm maybe I will be back with a Freebie QP from Grandpa's Shop that Gloria made for you all.
In Case you where wondering about that CU Stump Kit I talked about earlier? Never Fear it is coming. I am so busy Getting those contest kits fixed and loaded at Ivy Scraps. Plus I have other stores in the works besides 2 Designer Class to learn the ropes faster. I have a Full note book page of things to Extract and Create for CU Items. They will be slow in coming but You Will Love My Country CU Items.

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