Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Kit Teasers
Entered SAS Designer Contest
So I Drank some late night Coffee to keep from falling asleep on my laptop and put together some samples of my next project. I took tons of pictures of guy stuff the other day and plugged up my camera Card. There is so much to do here in Oakridge that I can't seem to clean up my EHD. So I think tomorrow I will take a work break and drive to town to get another EHD. If I can Find a Deal while having my morning coffee. Which by the way has ended up being dumped down the sink the last 3 days because there seems to be no time for me to relax. It is OK for the other people in the house to relax with their coffee. I did find a solution today he he he I grabbed my coffee and jumped in the car to run errands enjoying my coffee all the way. :o) So maybe some late night Joe to get some Digi time in might have been a coffee excuse. LOL

So here is the word Art I put together for the kit. It's a Country Guy Kit. Surprise surprise. ;o) Let me know what you think. Sorry there is no pick in the frame just didn't feel like digging one up. Again I used a CU font from Deb the scrappincop. This font is called Messy paint I just love it and Atomic Cupcakes action really made it fun.. It was fun taking pictures of the gloves in all kinds of shapes. Much more fun then what I had been doing with them earlier that day. LOL Yes the Back ground paper is my work bench in the shop. LOL I really should pick a color scheme for this kit. I have just been grabbing a photo here and a photo there and playing sometimes play is good. Let me know if you like the samples and I might zip them up and give them away for a week or so.
The Second Sample was the Cluster Frame I was working on. Well it needed something to spruce it up. So then it migrated into a QP but still I am not excited with it. This one is all mine taken from my photos with Atomic Cupcake Actions added to get the rustic metal look. I have quite the collection of stuff in my Oregon Back Yard so if it looks weird it probably came from my backyard. So if you think this QP is ready for prime time let me know and I will Zip her up.

Designer Contest
I am hoping to grab a new EHD so I will be all fresh and ready for the SAS Designer contest. I have no idea why there is a underline going on here but on with the post.
They say this contest is a Great Learning opportunity. We have our own private chat thread and it is hopping already. Lots of hints and tricks to practice before the competition starts. Wish i had the time to prepare. All this work here has put me back where I was before I put my kit in the SAS store for the 1 month trial. I guess I missed my Boat. My Kit is still available for $2 so run over and get one. The Lady Horse is a must have you know.
The Designer contest is a popularity contest so expect plenty of freebie from all those who are competing. Last year I couldn't download fast enough to get what I want wanted. but still had a great time cheering on the contestants. There is other fun and games to so hop on over to SAS and check out the Birthday Thread so you will be in the know when September rolls around.
~~~Well is is 3am here and I really should try to get some shut eye. I have a building to work on tomorrow rafters to reinforce so I can climb on the roof later in the afternoon. Hmmmm when will I go to town for that EHD. Hmmm when it hits 100 degrees out than I can jump in the car and enjoy the air conditioning. Wheeeeeee.

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