Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fire Near Ranch
The Forth Day
Here is the website to get info on the Fire Near our Ranch.
To Close for comfort when the winds kick up.
All the official reporting in on top of the page.
Comments from locals observing from their homes farther down.
Many people offering to help.
Second Link is a Wild land Fire Fighters Thread. More accurate information there
This fire is just a few miles from my horses & goats as the crow files
I can't seem to kick my normal seizure cycle so I can drive down and get the livestock out.

Tomorrow there will be no truck to pull the horse trailer because Georges car is down and needs the truck to drive to work. I feel so helpless. I know that if the fire goes through the Firefighters will at least open the gates and let the livestock loose. We have been told I place is very fire safe and one place they will head in a firestorm so it is meant to be God will protect us.
BTW this is a Great Link to get info on fires all over the US. They have a wonderful system for keeping up with the information.


bobnanncook said...

The fire is too close for comfort.Wow

Amberpony Creates said...

They are hitting the fire heavy with the Big Planes from all Over This is a Good Thing.