Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sara Goat Last Year

While I was entering a Contest at Scrap Outside The Box. I pulled this Memory Page out of my EHD. The contest was to pick a LO form your Gallery that uses at least 75% Scrap Outside The Box Designer Product. Well after searching my gallery and I still like this LO Best. It is one of My All Time Favorites. This is what draws me back to The Ranch. I take care of my animals and they take care of me! When I saw the QP (by Mamrotka) that is the BG for this LO I had to find a subject that went with that Lion! It didn't take long of the idea to come to mind. We had just gone through a period of a mountain lion traveling through our raven every day for at least a month! I spent most of that day playing with the elements from the kit Country Garden 2 by Cathy C. I so badly wanted someone to tell me I made a cute page that I worked extra hard at it. Country Garden was one of my first Digi Kits that I purchased and really enjoyed working with! I guess the fact that it is still available at Scrap Outside The Box in Cathy's Store says others like it!
Since I have Scrap Outside The Box on my mind I should mention that it is a friendly place where people love to praise back making it A Fun Place to have a Gallery. Not to mention the FNL a Chat to build a kit for those of use who are timid about these things. I just wish I could make it! LOL

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