Saturday, June 13, 2009

I Made It To Oakridge!!!!
New LOs Coming Soon
Here I am in Oakridge Mostly Kickin Back after a Trip to the Big City of Eugene and Springfield For a Doctors Visit and Some Shopping. Awh the Doctor Hmmm it is nice to see that friendly face that got me back on track of being able to be a True Country Girl again. Best thing she did for me was make me well enough to Ride My Horse again, something that was hard to give up for so many years! But now we are on another get well journey. It seems all the Stress & Living out of my Truck the last couple years has kicked my "Candida" back into High Gear. Blah I hate that Full Blown "Candida Diet". But it seems that the treatment is much better than in the 80's. Best of all the food choices are better tasting and I don't have to do it all from scratch this time. Well I have to admit I have not strayed far from the diet over the years. So jumping back on it hasn't been to hard. Except for it seems that every where I look in the store there is a sugary item I just would love to have! Funny thing is I haven't been interested in those things in years LOL. Aw riding this diet will do that to you. Darn Yeasty Critters are only looking out for themselves and will do anything to get you to eat all those things you are suppose to stay away from.
So besides me needing a few Doctor Visits Big Blue (my Truck) has been calling out to me for some Love. Today Big Blue visited the Tire Shop where it got it's Wheels balanced to get rid of a nice shake it has developed on the Hwy over 65 mph. Where most of our miles are racked up. It seems that I did bend a rim just a little when I launched the poor baby into a snow bank a year ago December. No Harm No Fowl it is not bad enough to replace, well at least not right now. lol Monday Big Blue goes to visit the Dealer to get its Valves adjusted so I can go Zoom Zoom again when I am towing. My last trip out of Dobbins at 40 mph with an empty horse trailer was frustrating enough . Almost as Frustrating as hauling 38 bales of hay at a crawl out of Brunswick at 40 mph & then crawling out of the river canyon. Come On it is a Diesel 55 mph isn't asking to much. Oh then there is the Fuel Mileage. LOL I used to get 20 - 22 mpg now I feel lucky to get 18 and we don't want to even think about the towing mileage any more. So $200 for a Valve adjusted to get More mileage, More power, & That Nice Dull Roar I seem to have traded for a Tinny No Power Noise That comes in my rear window now. Yup I am one of those silly people that slow down before the tunnel so I can roll down my windows and listen to my Big Blue Baby Roar through the Tunnel as I accelerate. he he he . Hey I have to have some naughty side. lol
Big Blue got all my Traveling Goodies removed from the cab and the tool box today. Monday after the trip to the dealer I will repack my life back in, hopefully in some sort of order. All the while taking it into memory so I can find just what I need when I need it. Curly will have to have a little evaluation of which toys and such of his we really need in the truck also.
New Kits To Play With
Yup Mitsybelle & Skrapper Digitals both have new kits to play with. so when I make to the coast I will have plenty of fodder to build new LO's with. Maybe a memory page will pop out tomorrow when I am relaxing here in Oakridge. ;0) The connection here is much slower then the ranch but I do have Mitsybelles new kit in my Computer just have to unzip it and start playing. The Previews look like "Citrus Summer' is another Great Kit from our kit making machine ;o) Mitsybell.. Skrapper Digital has 2 Fantastic New Kits I have to decide which one to work with he he he. Hmmmm Decisions Decisions. lol. I took more Goat Pics the day I left. Oh I miss my babies. Everyone posed for mom. Gotta Love Them. Ah but I should be taking pictures of the OCEAN soon. Can't wait to get there!!! That was My Goal for this trip home. RV Camping at the ocean. We have our Reservations we just need to scour the 5th wheel to make sure the trip will go well and grab what we need at Camping world on Monday or the way there ;o) The trick seems to be navigating through Corvallis he he he We always drive around in a good circle in that town and have yet to make it to the expressway to the beach. lol we have driven under it but never on it. So say a little prayer for us that this is the trip we find the secret entrance to the expressway. lol

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