Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rusty Goat Memory Page
Heading To The Coast
~~~~Here is Mister Rusty. Master of the Rock-A-Way Ranch so he wants us all to Believe. As you can see he is a Very Handsome Boer Goat. He is a year and a half now and quite the Man Goat. Rusty has taken it upon himself to keep an eye out for Predators etc and Sound the Alarm! When his Trumpet goes out the Girls come running. This is a Goat Fire Drill and everyone runs into the Safe House and faces the door, "Ready To Protect" themselves! This behavior has made it so much easier to leave my babies behind. Another one of Rusty's Valuable Traits is Baby Sitter. When I have a Renegade Mommy or Baby I just throw them in with Rusty. Rusty will straighten them out or calm them down which ever is needed. What a Blessing this is. If that Renegade is not controllable Rusty lets me Know and it is sent Down The Road or Eaten. Yes I Eat my Goats, the bad ones Taste Exceptionally Good! Besides Rusty being the Great Protector & Baby Sitter, he is also a Giant Ham! He thinks that every time I take the girls picture I should take his. Rusty just can't understand that the baby goats change so quickly I want to take their pictures all the time. Rusty gets so jealous that he talks and rubs his horns on the fence and when that doesn't get my attention he poses. the Gate is one of his Favorite Modeling Positions. LOL I don't know how but All my Animals know when I haven't made a memory page about them but have made them of the others. When this happens the looks I get are well "Guilt Tripping" once I make a LO about them the Looks Stop. LOL So here is Rusty's memory page hopefully I am off the hook with him. LOL Mitsybelle came out with this perfect kit for this Memory Page or any memory page about a Guy. It is fairly new and called Nothin Sweet. Can you believe it a Mitsybellle Kit without flowers! It does have a bit of Bling but it is Guy Bling. LOL You can find this kit in her store at Stone Accents Studio.
Oregon Coast Here We Come
Well today we head to the coast! It has been a big deal to get to this point. Al & I had to get the trailer ready(5th Wheel RV). We were so into getting the trailer ready that we went out and bought a flatbed bed trailer instead. Like we needed another project. LOL We at least this one is a few little things that we have to hire done. Hmmm I feel a memory page coming on. lol It seems this Had To Have Flatbed Trailer was on consignment at our Favorite trailer place All American Trailer Sales. Owned by a Real Sweetie Craig that could sell you the Brooklyn Bridge and make you believe it would never need maintenance for the next millennium. LOL Honestly he is a Great Guy and is Very Honest. So we stopped there and he didn't have what we needed to get the RV fixed but he sold us a trailer that Al always wanted at a price we couldn't refuse. I am grinning because it is perfect for hauling my tractor etc. Now Al can finally get his Toyota Camry to Oregon and sell it.
Besides that little trailer side step I had to have major work done on Big Blue. It seems that the Front Wheel was thinking about going off on its own. Couldn't have that, Big Blue would look Funny 3 legged and wouldn't go down the road very well. If that wasn't enough My water pump was dieing and I am not to fond of burning up that wonderful Diesel Engine. Then there was the Doctor Visits which by the way I still have to wait for yet more tests. ugh There is good news though I can get the results over the phone at the Coast.
Well it is getting late & I better pack up the RV & Head Out. We still have to stop and get a Electric Cord. I fixed the main electric cord but bought the wrong end for the adaptor, wouldn't you know it.


Sherah Kraan said...

totally cute layout, i love the story behind it too!

JanW. said...

Reading all the things you do makes me soooo tired!! We are heading off to Maryland in the morning. Will try to catch you on Skype when we return next week. I'm enjoying all those goat LOs.