Monday, June 1, 2009

Help Name My Goat
Here she is my new Doeling!!!! Isn't she a cute little thing. She is much bigger now. LOL Yup she came with a mum and a brother. Hopefully those pages will come sooner then later LOL In this memory page she is just 3 days old (born on the 25th) and she still needs a name! Please Help name her. All My Lady Goats names are some thing to do with my sweet tooth. I have Sara Lee ( The Oldest) Pecan, & Snickers. This little girls mums name is Tristan. Suggest Away Please......

The Nuts and Bolts of this memory page are.
Created in CS3
Journal Font = Champagne & Limousines
Title Font = Giddy Up
Paperscraps II by Mitsybelle
Blue Paper has a Motion Blur Added

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