Sunday, May 31, 2009

Big Thank You
Busy Busy Busy
First a Big Thanks to all that left Comments for my first mini kit!!! It was fun Reading what parts you liked in the kit.

Things Are Hopping For Me!
It has been a long week and a Long Weekend! The Ranch has found a little bit of peace with the addition of a New Doe and her 2 very young kids! Yup I hope to finish a Memory page of their first day here using Mitsybelles Newest Cute kit Paper Scraps II. My son and I took a little drive last night to send Carmel and Lambie off to a New Home more suited to their personalities! Camel's Son was very yummy after a Good Rubbing of Herbs and Slow BBQ. Camel's Daughter Snickers is settling in to her new situation after much love from George and I. Poor Liitle Snickers thought she might try being a dog but changed her mind when we wouldn't let her stay in the house when she snuck in. LOL. I sent her on her merry way OUTSIDE!!! But to the rescue came Sara who took Snickers under her Loving Care in the Pasture where Goats belong. Before Sarah took Snickers in she spent time with all the other goats including her Daddy. But her biggest adventure was riding in the Kawasaki Mule from which she saw most of the 9 acre's she lives on. Snickers enjoyed sleeping on the covered front porch at my feet. Eating delicacy such as our lawn, rose bushes, grape vines, black berries vines etc.... Pictures of Snickers getting to know Curly and Cody better are hiding in the camera that is hiding where the last photographer left it.

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