Thursday, April 30, 2009

Childhood Easter Memory Page
Made It Home To Oakridge
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This Beautiful memory Page was inspired by the SAS Newsletter Challenge for April. Yeah I know I am slipping it in under the wire. LOL. The Pretty kit I used was Feltsational by EllenM (Surprise!!!) Thought I should make something from all those Kits I have from buying her Store LOL. You can find EllenM at SAS and Scrapoutsidethebox. ;0) here is the Journaling in case you want to read it.
Of Course there was
the Easter Bunny
Then Church Service

Which I squiggled Through
But Then there was Family
That Long Drive Little over an Hour
to Aunt Da & Dees House.
There we had the Great Visit
I Played with my cousins

snatched candy from the fancy dishes
Ate Dinner at a Giant Table
Fed the Fish In the Giant Tank
I Am Thankful For It All
Home Safe In Oakridge

I got to come home to Oakridge for a spell a quick spell mind you but a spell. I rolled into the Drive at a Reasonable 10pm last night. After driving down the Mountain in the snow. Thats right even though I was told No Snow Tonight I Drove throughflurries so thick I slowed to 20mgh just to see the road. But at the top where thankfully the snow hadn't started coming down to hard yet, there where spots of ice that reminded me that my truck suck on rough icy pavement. The Snow was pretty I must say. My Hopes of a relaxing week pulling weeds in my Garden are being Dashed Again. Seems my Roomate thinks I should cater to his wants. hmmmm. Today I did get to go to the Doctor and Find Out I am doing Better!!!!! But then my day turned to Pooo when Al's Truck broke down and I had to rely others to get me the 30 miles home. Once home I pulled it together hopped in my truck and drove 50 miles back to the Dealer to get Al, the Dogs & Garden Shed Supplies. The trip home was Beautiful being that by then it was dusk and the sun Glisend off the River and the trees many shades of Green Danced accross the sky as I selfishly drove the back way home listening to "The John Tesh Radio Show". Awhhh but then Reality reared its ugly head and the rain came pouring down. The road filled with streams of water and you could hear and feel the tires go woosh as they pulled through it. The wipers raised accross the windshield as the washer fluid repeatily wiskjed the oil off that the trucks threw up at us. Oh to live in Oregon where the rain is clean and lets you know that this is why the trees are Those Many Shades Of Green. Our little excitment ended with the unloading of supplies from town at a reasonable 9pm. Yet here I sit 2:40am still not able to go to sleep. But I have made the most of it and made this fine Memory Page that I have shared in this post.
Now it is off to post my memory page at my galleries.

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