Saturday, March 7, 2009

I Received A RAK
Aleene Memory Page
House For Rent Prep
I am so excited to have received a RAK from Cathy Cher. I enjoy her Designs of Great Quality. I received Bears Tea Party. This kit is Full of Adorable Bears!!!! I stayed up late tonight making a Very Cute Memory Page of my DGD using this Sweet Kit and a QP from the SAS Clutter It Challenge from Mamrotka. Gotta love those stamp frames!
At The Ranch
Chain Saw has been the order of the last 2 days. I shagged brush on Thursday while Al Cut down Extra Trees in the Rentals Backyard. We were really sore and tired last night and today. So what do you do when your are sore and tired? Well You grab the Chain Saw and Buck Up a Large Fallen Oak Tree of Course! Wow that tree that fell in the last storm is a Big Mess, All Over the Perimeter Pasture Fence. This makes for slow going in the clean up. Today Al and I widdled away at that tree so now you can see the main branches and the wire fence. Next step is to open up the fence and finish cutting that Bad Boy into some nice overnight firewood logs for next year in Oakridge ;o)
Write More Next Finished Memory Page!
House for Rent 12 miles from Nevada City Ca.

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