Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another Rocker Memory Page~~~~~~~~~~
My First Challenge finished in March
Miama is a Beautiful Open Font. It is featured in the Font Challenge at SAS.
While looking for a special photo I wanted to use for mITSYBELLES Quote Challenge at SAS, I found another rocker picture. This time it features my folks at their 50th Wedding Anniversary Party a few years back. It was quite the party that moved on to my folks house. In the photo they were opening there gifts. The lovely kit I used is Enchanted Love by mITSYBELLE. The flourish is in the kit although I did clip one of the kits papers to it and added a stroke and emboss. The Pretty Frame is from Bejewelled Harmony also by mITSYBELLE
I Am A Good Scrapper
I printed 20 of my latest Digi Memory Pages Today. In the process I realized i had made mistakes on 3 of them and had to fix them before printing. Boy I must have not been paying attention on a couple of them. Alas they are printed and drying before I cute them and install them in their albums.
At The Ranch
It is Raining Cats & Dogs here and we are still waiting for the baby goats to arrive. My Pecan is sick. So all three of my Does are in the warm goat house out of the wind. Sweetie my 12 year old Ewe (sheep) had some kind of infection that I had to lance tonight. Looks like tomarrow she is going to get some antibiotics. I hope to have my sons help with that. Tonight the sheep a sleeping in the Goats open air pen because it is warmer and has fresh sawdust. Sweetie seemed more comfortable after all these changes. The Horses seem to be fine Thank God. My Buck Rusty is getting big he is now taller then the girls. Curly & I spend the morning getting soaked to the skin digging a better ditch to keep the water from going in the horse corral. The rain was coming down in sheets so I could see just where to divert the water to. Pour Curly couldn't get warm after coming in the house until I finally put a navajo saddle blanket on him. Curly was careful not to knock off his blanket when he moved around the house. LOL
Boy Do I Miss The Wood Stove that I have in my Oakridge House.

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