Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Girls On A Memory Page
SAS Valentine Blog Hop - Freebies
Oakridge Living Room Painted
My Girls
Here it is my first Memory Page using a kit by EllenM I got it when I bought the store and you can get it soon! Keep an eye out for the SAS Newsletter. Because this kit will be one of those Free with Purchase Goodies! BTW if you want to check out her Designs you can visit her store at SAS or GO Here


SAS Valentine Blog Hop
Just a Quick note that the SAS Valentine Blog Hop has STARTED!!!! I have already Grabbed a Bunch Of Goodies! Take a peek on the left side of my Blog and scroll down to the SAS Designers section and Pop a Link to any with the Blog Hop or Freebies in the line of what up now! Happy Hopping!!!
Living Room Painted in Oakridge!!!!!
I Can't Believe It!!!! after 4 years of staring at Sheet Rock Dots and Tape Lines my walls are finally painted!! I realize my house has a long way to go but it has come even farther! I was so surprised this morning when my roommate agreed that the tip out (Tonight The Dinning Room) would look better if it was painted. He even offered to move the furniture etc out of my way!!!! Wow!!!! Well one thing led to another and Al helped me move things around and checked in on me. He even gave his opinion on color! By 5:30pm all the walls and the tip out ceiling was painted and the furniture was happily sitting in its new home! So now I am Going to Bore you with pictures and maybe in a few day a few Memory Pages on the subject. Ha
First we have my Tools. Because of some of my Health Issues I do most of my painting with this 4" Roller. That's Right I painted the entire living room with this roller.
Here is the Tip Out Which now has a Dinner Table in it. I was to embarrassed to show you the daily mess on the table. Noticed I didn't paint the bull nose, Al is excited about me finishing the plaster there now.
The Living Room Itself
Awh tomorrow I hope to pick up the mess that was left over from a bad summer in 2006. The Walls match with no strips! See George All Of It Really is Painted!!!!
I have yet to do start the process of finishing the new vinyl windows, but sometimes you just have to stop and paint. With the price of Fancy BooBoo Paint at $5 a gal I can paint this room several times along the path to a finished house. :o) If only I could remember that and quit being so Cheep!!!!

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Carmen, the Crazy Sombrero said...

thanks Amberpony! i know i have to work on my blog. i just joined the team last week and i wanted to, but i kept falling asleep on the sofa after work all week. lol...i will do it today...when dh is watching Nascar..ugh!!