Saturday, February 14, 2009

Grandma Dimples Memory Page
Coffee Central Up Graded
George Has Arrived!
~~~Here is Grandma Dimples with Skippy on her Famous Rocker!!!! Ta Daaaa.....
I bet you are looking a this LO and thinking that doesn't even look like Amberpony made this one. Well I admit it is not my style!!!! You see I hang out at "Scrap Outside The Box" a bit and this month they changed their challenges to only using Designers from SOTB. Lucky for me CathyC just joined the Designers over there. Just yesterday I downloaded this kit Lady Bug Love from CathyC as part of the SAS Valentine Blog Hop. ;o) So I had a kit that went with the Font Challenge. All I had to do was find a picture. Dig Dig Dig through my EHD and I found my way to a project I have been working on. I am making a Grandmas Rocker Album. He he he he I got a challenge finished for a cool PB and I finished a page in a Very Special Album! Pretty Good for not being a LO builder this week.
The Fonts I used were Be My Valentine & Pawrty~~~
Coffee Central Upgraded
You know you are a Coffee addict when you and your Roomate think fixing up the Coffee Making Area is a Great Valentines Present to each other LOL While sitting on the back patio swing drinking our morning coffee watching the dogs play and looking at the snow we decided that today would be the day! It all started with a little shelf behind the counter to put my Toroni bottles on. Then we put up a higher shelf for the cool glass jars we aquired this last summer at the Oakridge Community Yard Sale. The Dogs have a better view of thier cookie jar and we have more room to make coffee. Yippee!!!!
George Has Arrived!!!
George arrived at 3:30pm after leaving the ranch at 6:30am. My Valentine Gift from him! How Sweet of him to come for the Week to fix my Heater !!!!! George's trip started with the delay of Shawn getting up to make him waffles. Then Cody decided not to come after all his begging to go. It seems that with all the snow at the Ranch Cody wanted to stay and Play in the Snow. I am dissappointed I was hoping to have Cody here with me for a while. When George finally got on the road he headed out the usual back way but got concerned over the amount of snow he was incontouring. So he turned around and took another route off the mountain. Smooth sailing was welcomed until Geroge headed out of Redding and found himself in a line of cars waiting to be checked for Chains (that would be chains inside the car for later use) After much poky driving George arrived at the check point to watch them take the signs down and wave him through. After that his trip was uneventful and he arrived here safe and sound! My Truck looks like he took it to play in a Dirty Mud Hole. LOL
George brought me firewood and fencing. That fencing is well traveled! At one time it was the back yard fence at my Mom & Dads in Huntington Beach. It has been hanging at the ranch for years (no on wanted to dig the holes for the fence posts) Now It is here in Oakridge and will become the first part of my Privacy Fence I so Dearly Need.

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