Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine Memory Page
The Carpet Unrolled
This is How we spent Valentines Day.
First we upgraded our Coffee Center.
Then we enjoyed a Cup of Java
For the Freestyle Challenge at SAS for February I put this little ditty together. This Challenge is about getten to know your software better. Here is the lengthy explanation on how this LO came together. I added a Metal Style to the Larger frame that came in the Old Fashioned Love Kit by Mitsybelle. Then I changed the Hue on the cluster frame also from the kit Old Fashioned Love. Then I used Piggy Scraps Engraving Style free from here Blog, go to the challenge for the link. I used the style on one of the hearts from In Love a Valentine Blog Hop Freebie I grabbed at Mitsybelle Site. I also added a Bevel Style to those Hearts. Of course I always use the Drop Shadow Style. Oh Yea I Beveled the Font Draggle in the "Happy Valentine".

For more fun I used the marque tool and selected the end portion of the Blue bow ribbon and made a layer via copy the I slide it up higher on the ribbon and deleted the ribbon below it, I didn't want. Then I merged my ribbon end onto my ribbon. This way I kept the fun end.

The ribbon on the metal frame is just erased where I wanted it to look like it was behind the frame.

Yes these are the pictures from the last post.
Today The Carpet Unrolled
Five years ago a roll of carpet from a Hotel arrived at my house and rolled out about 3/4 of the way. Awh a piece of carpet in my house to put my feet on! Today that roll of carpet made its way the rest of the way accross my Living Room! Thanks George!!! My house feels more like home every day. We actually ate dinner at the table in the Dinning Room and spent an Hour in the Living Room Visiting this evening. Just Like Real People!!!!!

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