Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Horsey Memory Page
Living Room Painted
New Renter Needed in Nevada City

Here is another memory page from our stay at Happy Trails Cowboy Camp. On this day we went for a little ride to what we could see. We stopped here and I took pictures of moss, sticks and tree bark. Exciting stuff isn't it. lol That Cute little clock in the sky is from my favorite template 38a by Jasjuls. I used Green Elegance by Mitsybelle to make all the fun accents on this page. After All the Pictures Steal the show here!


The Living Room In Oakridge

Well I finally painted the a few walls in my Living Room. It looks so much better!!! It is so much better that my Roomate seems to act like this project is taking to long. So I have put everything away. Hmmm maybe next year I will finally get the last of the Bull Nose up and a real paint job in my living room. :o( Maybe I will work on my bathroom. No one to bother in my bathroom and I have a little electric heater to keep me warm. ;o) If I get my bathroom taped & textured I can use my shower. What a concept!


We Need A New Nevada City Renter

We have just been informed that our renter at the ranch is moving out. Ugh. So the hunt is on for a new renter for Our cute little Granny Unit on the hill. I have to say that our current rent made the yard nice with a real lawn!

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