Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Eating Crow
Aleene Memory Page
Help With LO
Not Over Spider Bite
Eating Crow
So it was Brought To My Attention that my LO at Kjoi was deleted because Mistybelle doesn't have a store there anymore and her Designer Gallery has been removed. So I will go on the believe that I forgot to put that LO in my Gallery.
So today I learned why you load you LOs in the member Gallery first and then add them to the Designer Gallery or Challenge Gallery 2nd. Although it does make it a pain in the fanny to check for Luvin.
So There you have it I Ate Crow.
Another Great Kit from Mitsybelle and a Fun Challenge at SAS Brought this Lovely Memory Page Together. Yes For those that keep an eye out that is Grandpa George holding Aleene. he he he :0) This picture stares at me every month and Thanks to KimberKatt and the Newsletter Challenge at SAS it is Finally in a LO. The Challenge was to make a page with hearts. This picture fits that bill. I can see the Hearts in the Eyes of DH & DGD but for Kimberkatts Challenge I fond a font that has Hearts in it! Then I Hooked 2 Hearts from the Is It Love Kit together on the tag attached to the ribbon. There are my Hearts. I am so luvin my memory hog CS3 that I seem to use it for everything. lol The Beautiful Heart Font = Fiolex Girls Those Wonderfully Glittery Butterflies are from An Old Fashioned Love by Mitsybelle Everything Else came from Is It Love by Mitsybelle

Got Any Idea On How To Make It Better ?

Here is a LO that screams "I Am Not Done Yet!!!!" It may be one of those things "I am so tired of fixing pictures from this camera (like one of the first buy dad an HP digi camera shouldn't it be worn out lol) that has haunted me with must have pictures for many years. Lets pass this camera down to the Grandson so we can get some more must have pictures. It seems when the camera has no value it ends up taking pictures in all those places you wish you had your camera but didn't. Praise God DD got a Fancy Dancy New Point and Shoot For An Early Christmas Present. Oh but wait that old Digi Camera still has Life lol. Done with the camera that wouldn't die. So aren't these pictures just too Cute! but how can this page compete with its Super page with the Quote (See Previous Post). Let me know what you think PLEASE!!!!! If you have any suggestions on how to make it Beautiful let me know. BTW this LO has been started using An Old Fashioned Love by Mitsybelle just like its Mate I made for the Quote Challenge


Not Over Spider Bit
I guess it was a good thing we weren't aloud to lite a Fire today. It forced me to relax with my puter. I was sure feeling really bad today! But I sweated out most of it so I am doing better now. But not until I wasn't able to eat my dinner and had a couple mini seizures. Hope that is it. The day after the day after is always the worst so Lord Willing tomorrow will be productive. I have this Valentine Bear wearing Als Hat that I Photographed with the intention of extracting him and giving it away here on my Blog. Hopefully tomorrow is the day I extract him and package him up. If not tomorrow Thursday and Friday Call For Rain so they look like good days to play on the puter


mITSYBELLE said...

I'm loving reading your blog hun but I can't for the life of me find 'where you got the spider bite' is my brain slipping here, have I just missed it, lol :)

You're making great progess on the home too

charlie said...

gorgeous layouts

Amberpony Creates said...

The Black Widow Bit was first Mentioned in my January 31st Post Mitsy. I did make a Memory Page about it that is why you missed it LOL