Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Aleene In The Leaves
Quote Challenge
Living Room Update
I Want to Thank Mitsybelle for her February Quote Challenge at SAS. It inspired this Sweet Page of Aleene in the Leaves. Every time these pictures pop up while I am scrolling through my Photos I try to figure out how to put them in a LO. With Mitsybelles new kit An Old Fashioned Love and this Quote I finally got my Memory Page! Now I have Page 2 sitting in my Projects started Folder waiting for me to drop on some paper and some elements from An Old Fashioned Love. Hmmmm Maybe Today! It is always good to get page 2 done when you do page 1 LOL

An Old Fashioned Love is such a Cool Kit I had to show you the Preview. How versatile is this?

Game Day Crop ahhh Chat
I made it to the Game Day Chat at Scrap Outside The Box. Actually they had 2 Chats. I picked up a Very Cute Football Kit from Garden Girl Designs! Now I am going to have to pull up those old Pop Warner (how ever you say it) Football Photos from the 70s and make a Digi Page. My kids will get a kick out of their mom the Cheering on Their Uncle Bob. LOL This new kit should be Perfect! Anyways I met some of the Ladies that have been leaving me Lovin on my LOL there. Oh Boy did we laugh and laugh. I could hardly read fast enough to keep up let alone type along LOL All is good and I have some Blogs to Follow not that they are regular bloggers he he he. But I will have new people to give awards to next time I get one LOL

Living Room Project
Today is a no work day. LOL Here in Oakridge they tell us when we can and when we can't use our Wood Stove. You Guessed it today is a no Burn Day. For those of you who have never tape and textured your walls. You have to keep the house really warm so the plaster dries fast enough so you are not twiddling your thumbs between coats. So no Fire means damp house & I certainly don't want to listen to the Heat Pump Run all day (or pay the electric bill) so the corner Bull Nose will have to wait until I can have a fire in my wood stove. ;0( Good news is I got the walls to a point that I could live with some flat paint on them until I feel like texturing. I did get some Bull Nose up on my tip out and the corner to the hall. So Life is good and my living room is less creepy. I also got some seams done in my bedroom so it feels a little bit more Homey.

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