Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Aleene Memory Page Revised
I Feel Better Today
Lots Of Work Done in Oakridge
Ok Brain turned on with a little help from Mitsybelle and Melynda. Ah a true mom Melynda wanted Journaling for her daughter. Mitsybelle suggested tucking in a few leaves. These pretty leaves are from Lots of Leaves by Christine Nash As before the rest of the memory page is from An Old Fashioned Love by Mitsybelle. I am really liking these fonts and they seem to pop up on many of my LOs these days Title Font = Catholic School Girls BB, Journaling Font = Boopee


Al & I Worked Outside Day


Al went to Springfield yesterday to go shopping since the house was cold and I was a couch potato. He brought me joint compound for my walls. He also brought PT 4x4's for the back yard. Today since it is supposed to rain hard the next two days it was time to get something done in the backyard while the ground was half way dry. We feel good about what we accomplished today. he he he wait for it wait for it. he he he he Drum Roll........ Al and I planted 2 gate posts!!!!!! OK some of you may be thinking No Big Deal! Well we live on a river bed so it is a Big Deal!!!! No post hole diggers here just pure get down on your knees with a crow bar and work those babies loose and pull them out with your hands. so by the time you have a hole deep enough to put the post in you have a pile of rocks twice as big as that bag of concrete you are going to plant the post with. lol So in goes the post then some gravel for drainage lol then you carefully line that giant hole with those rocks you just took out, leaving a tidy open circle around the post to pour the concrete into. so the process goes until you get back to ground level. So we spent plenty of time in the sunshine today.

Notice the rocks in the right hand corner. Those are the ones that didn't go back in the hole. OK you may think my back yard is a mess but when I bought the place it was a disaster! So I look at it and think it is so much better now.


Anonymous said...

I made it so that the Syndication feed and bee tracked on LiveJournal Friendlist's
Now I shall stay updated better

Amberpony Creates said...

Ah you are following your mommies blog so you can catch all my misspelled names ROFL

Anonymous said...

well that wasn't intentional. I just wanted to follow it since I keep forgetting to check back. This way it will show up when I do my daily LJ check.
Also if any of your fans have LJ they can now track you as well.

texasblu said...

The remake of the lo is lovely! The bright yellow really set it off, didn't it?

Amberpony Creates said...

Mitsybelle suggested tucking the leaves. I bought these leaves over a year ago and when I think of using them they just make a page pop!