Friday, January 30, 2009

Made It To Oakridge
Many Chemult Memory Pages

Isn't this Memory Page a Crack Up! It was made using Green Elegance by Mitsybelle

Page 2 is coming soon. LOL
Well I made it to Oakridge & I have put some plaster on the walls of the living room!!!!!!
Yesterday was my first full day in Oakridge. I started the big job of plastering a few of the walls in the living room. Don't really feel like living in a disaster zone right now so I am just doing the walls I can get to with out a large rearranging project. The walls I have worked on are looking very nice.
This morning Al & I installed a gate in the back yard. Wow we don't have to walk down the driveway everytime we need to go to the shop! Last time I was home Al & I installed the posts for the opening then we tied the gate in the hole with zip ties LOL. Todays job was just a matter of installing the gate hardware and filling in under the gate to keep the doggies in.
Now For Our Little Adventure of Getting to Oakridge. After a weak of getting my act together to leave we started a new set of delays. After I got packed we didn't leave. It Snowed and spending over 200 miles driving in a snow storm just isn't our cup of tea. As it was we had to repack the truck to make everything fit. I was able to take my Patio Swing so again I can sit outback drink my coffee and watch the world go by. Of course we brought more firewood. Manzanita this time.
On to the Trip. The day we left was Beautiful and we made our usual stop in Chemult. After a long night of feeling ucky from my food alergies thanks to a sit down restuarunt in Weed. We headed off to Mt Cafe for our morning Usual - I had Those Potatoes and Al had his Ham & Cheese Omelet. Then we went for a visit to give a friend some Digi Pages I had made. When it was time to leave we checked the road conditions at TRIPCHECK.COM and the pass was covered in snow and the camera was full of snow! Well we where towing a trailer with the ATV and no chains for it. So we spend another night. After a long visit we headed over to Rd& D for Chicken & Fries & Good Conversation. Then it was Girls Night Out!!!!! I headed back over to to make Digi Pages we stayed up until 4 am chit chatting and Digi Scrapping. That was Fun. The next morning we had our usual at The Mt Cafe and headed down the snowy, icy mountain.

This Page was Created using Autumn Joy by Mitsybelle

This is our friend Darby he lives at the Feather Bed Inn Darby & Al took the UTV out one day to find Grandma some Pine Cones and boy did they find them! They had a Great Adventure too!

These Three Memory Pages of Kona's Summer Vacation at the Feather Bed Inn were created using Mi Cottage by Mitsybelle. The Frame on the Butt Picture is from Boyish Stuff by Mitsybelle.

Kona had Great Fun Mowing the Lawn and Meeting New Friends even if they didn't stay long.
Ta Ta For Now

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