Saturday, January 31, 2009

FBI Page 2

I believe page 2 came out better then page 1. Both pages took on their own personality though.

Again I used Green Elegance by Mitsybelle the Font is Catholic School Girls. The Small Frames have an Gradient Overlay applied

Oakridge Internet

Boy is Verizon Crap in Oakridge!

There was a time when we had a Good Strong Signal in Oakridge. But now any weather change and it is a hassle to stay connected on the phone or the Internet. I am so Frustrated! I Believe that it is almost the same at the ranch. For a time I picked up Broadband almost all the time on my Verizon wireless, now I never get it. At least at the ranch I can stay connected and have a real conversation when I use the phone. Where are those guys on the commercial? They must be following the new customers. I do believe it is time to find a new Wireless Provider. Hmmm I wonder if I will really spend the time to change. It is probably one of those things that if I got a new phone and a new wireless card my service would get better. But why should I have to get new equipment every year. I am not interested in listening to music etc on my phone. I just want a phone you can talk on when you need to. As far as my Internet goes if the wireless card worked last year on a digital signal it should work just the same this year.

Rant Over

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