Saturday, January 31, 2009

Verizon to Come Check Out Our Signal!!!!
Black Widow Bit Me
While talking to customer support at Verizon Wireless. The Tech suggested they send someone to come out and trouble shoot our signal. By the end of next week I should know if the signal will get better. But I did find out I can order an antenna for my wireless PCMIA card directly from the Verizon Wireless website. Now if I can only find it with this crappy connection. LOL But if I can find the antenna I can customer service back and order one.
Black Widow Bit Me
The second night I was back in Oakridge I was bit by a Black Widow. This will be my 4th Bad Spider Bite here in Oakridge since I bought the house. The last 3 where sitting in my house next to the wall that is adjacent to the burnt house next door. The Bug Guy Warned me after the first bite that the Black Widows migrate over to my house from the burnt house in the winter. It seems that that house is a Great Place for spiders to build a home but they prefer the warmth of my house in the winter. This last bite I completely forgot to check my furniture when I got back and that bugger got me in the ankle while I was putering. Not near as scary as the bite I got on the neck I got that one out in the shop (While I was rebuilding the shop I walked right into a nest in the dark) Any how because I didn't take it easy yesterday I have been feeling really bad since yesterday afternoon. You my get me by now even, though I had a rough night I woke up able to walk & chew bubble gum at the same time so I was good to go. LOL You can only take so much stuff to counteract the bite. Hopefully tomorrow I will be back to plastering the living room walls.

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