Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Should Be Heading To Oakridge
Looks Like I Really am Heading to Oakridge Tomorrow.
At Least I am packed. Tomorrow we load the bed of the truck hook up the ATV trailer and head out.
I have started settling back into Oakridge. This time I am taking stuff there as I can set it up. I have Big Goals while I am home this time.
I hope to scrap the little bit of lose plaster and paint the walls the same color with a flat paint. I also hope to finish texturing my bathroom walls and paint them. Only time will tell LOL

Tomorrows trip while be filled with Digi Scrapping. I have gathered some kits and am ready to entertain myself & the dogs with page building. LOL

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Kimberkatt said...

Hi Diana!!

Nothing like scrapping on the go! LOL! Hope you have a safe trip! :)

I posted the award on my blog today, just wanted to say thank you again!

Have a great Monday! :)