Thursday, December 11, 2008

Friendship Award

From Amberpony Creates
Well it took some time to be a Good Blogger and Pass on this Sweet Award that Melanie over at 88 Designs by M Gave me a while back.. Tonight the list of a few people that have been Good To Me popped into my head so I would like to Pass this Friendship award along to.
  • Barbara at DigiMom Designs: She is a Great Cheer Leader ;o)
  • Darlene Haughin of Darlene Designs: Another Great Cheerleader and very helpful in making sure I saw the lighter side of Who's George and later turning it into There is George!
  • Brenda Mascari: She gave me the courage to join in on the Fun of being a Guest CT & letting me be part of making a kit (A Very Navy Christmas) my first Kit Ever even if it was a Collab you got to get your feet wet somewhere!
  • Mitsybelle: Having the faith in my Unique Memory Page Creating to let me be One of Her First CT members
  • Jan Waite: Now there is a lady that can make the bad day seem not so bad ( Thanks for That)

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