Saturday, December 13, 2008

4 Snowy Memory Pages
My Journey To The Ranch

These pages are about remembering the wonderful times we have had Year Round at the Big Mountain Cafe. "Those Potatoes" with a side of Gravy is what I have 90% of the time. Of course the never ending cup of Framer Brothers Coffee with real white stuff to go with it. Mmmmm Good Stuff!!! Funny I made these pages for the SAS Designer Giveaway Challenge, This month was Darlene Haughin turn. One Winter Night was the kit I received the challenge 50% coupon for. Before leaving Oakridge I purchased and downloaded it. When we got to Chemult the dogs wanted to play in the freshly fallen snow. LOL it was still snowing. Oh how perfect could this be. A memory I wanted to record, a snow photo moment & a 300 mile stormy ride with a computer in my lap for entertainment! These 4 pages where created in the front seat of the truck on that journey. Well the journaling & finishing touches were finished today.

Our Journey back to the ranch started with loading the bed of the truck in the rain. Rushing around because the storm was early! When you leave my Oakridge House you head straight out of town up the
Willamette Pass. Pretty Scary Stuff when the Hwy is covered in Snow or Ice. Last year I took flying lessons in my truck because of some stuff they call "Greasy Ice" I seem to have acquired a new fear of Snowy - Icy roads. Back to the Journey. We made it half way up the mountain before finding Snowflakes. Then not much farther we found the White Hwy! We where near the head of the storm so it was not to bad. Although 5 pickups and 4 Semis decided it was better to follow us then to pass, especially after we did a little tail dance on some Black Ice. When we reached Chemult we stopped at our Favorite Cafe for some much deserved Yummy Eats, Good Conversation and Christmas Presents ( I like to support the Nice Locals ) While eating our first meal of the day, we watched the sky turn white with Swirling White Fluffy Flakes! When Breakfast was over and the dogs had their Snowy Romp the blue sky peeked through. God Is Good! Not far down the road the snow turned to Flurries and later to rain. ;o) By the time we got to Weed the weather was no longer a threat and we happily made our way to the ranch cruising in about midnight. Just in time to watch "The Craig Ferguson Show" I seem to have become a fan. LOL

Today was Beautiful & a Burn Day! George Al & I headed down the property to burn the brush that has been haunting us. Hot Hot Fire is what we had! I could smell my hair melting when I turned my back to the fire to shag more brush. It was decided to take a break and watch the fire burn down some before feeding it any more LOL It looks so much better down there ;O)
Work Hard - Play Hard!
I enjoyed our little Fire until the burn pile nothing but coals and a pretty racked ring around it. Then it was rack the Fig Leaves and pick the fruit. Oh Boy did the Goats enjoy that project! House Time Finally Arrived! Shower time, Nip those allergies in the bud! All Clean and warm it was time to put the finishing touches on the LOs from the road trip yesterday.

We finished off the evening with Chuck Roast, Roasted Potatoes and Carrots Mmmmmm!
Then we enjoyed a movie "Annie"
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