Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Two Memory Page Challenges
Several More Memory Pages

Isn't this the Cutest Memory Page?
The Clutter It Challenge at SAS
It Starts With a Quick Page from Mamrotka
The idea of the "Clutter It" Challenge is to take the Quick Page that Mamortka provides and then clutter it up with what ever you want. On this months LO I used the Posting Bonus Kits Dinner At 7, I received this month for other challenges. Pretty cool you can collect Cool Kits for Free just for posting your pages. (if you don't earn them you can purchase them the next month)
I used the pieces from Cathy Cher's Kit and Mitsybelle's Kit
Ok enough about the credits now, but hey at least they were interesting Incase you were wondering this picture was taken just last month at
Happy Trails Cowboy Camp in Chiloquin, Oregon.
Kona (my horse) got to live at this Beautiful Campground for a month and half. I got to visit him two weeks at a time in September & October. There was so many trails we could ride a new one every day. It was so Beautiful out on the Trail or in the River. I had so much fun, I never made it over to the Cool Collier State Par
k Outdoor Logging Museum across the highway. Ooops I take that back, we took a wagon ride down Highway 97 & up the access road, where we picked up some foot traffic, to the Loggers Breakfast one Sunday. Then we rode the wagon back through the museum & then down the Highway to return to camp . It was Great Fun! I did manage to take the short hour drive to Crater Lake. Wow was it Beautiful!!!! The Rim road was open that day so around the lake we went, stopping at every turn out to take pictures and freeze our tails. LOL The only problem I had was the cell phone reception. It was like the Verizon Commercial "Can You Hear Me Now?" One day I rode the 4 wheeler to the river to make an uninterrupted call when my Service Dog passed away.
Here is a memory page from one of my rides.
Riding From Happy Trails Cowboy Camp
Page Made using Autumn Joy by Mitsybelle
I Am Bummed Today.
Yesterday was the day I finally got to go home to Oregon, be it for a short week. Well that was shot down when I woke up with a sore throat. Bummer I can't drive when I am sick. It doesn't take much to turn me into a marshmallow. The good news is I made several pages yesterday & I left Love on some cool memory pages too! On the other hand the poor sheep had to stay in while the horses & Goats got to Play outside. The sheep are at the bottom of the hill & it was all I could do to let the animals near the house out. Getting them hay was even harder. Good thing George over feeds the sheep at night. Some day the sheep will be up by the house also or have died of old age. LOL We will see what happens. So today is another recliner day. The horses have been so good sharing the goats field. Kona & Amber always know when I can't take the extra effort to turn them out in there big field. The big field is probably not that appealing if mom can't get there breakfast over there. They are just happy to be in another pen other them their night paddock.

The Tricks Of The Trade Challenge at SOTB

This is a fun Challenge over at Scrap Outside The Box
It helps you to grow in your digi scrapping knowledge this month is using masks. Notice that Aleene's head is in front of the frame. Also notice that the frame is on top of the main photo showcasing Aleene as the main subject. Sash e over to box and have a peek at this educational challenge. Once there you will find a link to the tutorial. Now back to the memory page and its credits. Today I made this memory page of my DD and DGD on our trip to the park for that challenge. I used Princess Ava & Princess Ava's Dress up Jeans by Brenda Mascari to build this page. The butterflies where extracted from the Background paper and then I added a drop shadow to them. Fun Page isn't it!

Benny at the Feather Bed Inn
Last night I made this 2 pager using Mitsybelle's Boyish Stuff & Tis the Season kits. Doesn't that red just pop off the page? Both these kits have Great Elements to make a statement on any memory page.
These pictures were taken in Chemult, Oregon at The Feather Bed Inn after I slipped on the ice on Hwy 58, lost control and launched my truck into a snow bank. The State Troopers insisted that I should finish my drive in the daylight of the next day. So I stayed at the Feather Bed Inn where the the company is always good. Benny just loved Gidget, almost as much as . Not to mention Benny couldn't wait to show off his new pup Curly. It was Curly's first experience with snow. We all had a Great Time Playing in the morning sun with our coffee in hand. Then it was back on the road, There were brand new baby goats waiting for us at the Ranch.


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