Monday, November 17, 2008

Grandma Time
Weekend Chores
Many Memory Pages

My First Generation of Brush eaters were Romney Sheep. This is the last of our Girls. Sweetie is third generation and the last. Sweetie is 11 years old now. She was Melynda's first FFA Breeding Ewe She is 1/3 Romney & 1/2 Hampshire with a little bit of this & that left over from my wool spinning days. By the way the extra sheep is lambing she just happened to come along and we didn't eat her. Lambie is well a sheep just like you read about in books. I say this because Sweetie is more like a Dog.
If you like the look of this page here are the credits so you can make one. I just love the colors in this Boyish Stuff Kit just perfect for snowy pictures. This page started with a free QP from the SAS Newsletter. Mitsybelle created the kit and and the QP. This kit Boyish Stuff by Mitsybelle has some cool Musical elements. The papers have such rich color and if you remember the page I did of Al Dinning Well with this kit you gotta love those tie hooks.
The Weekend is over and a new week has started. This weekend was very busy and gratifying. George has been working on a Hay Shelter to make feeding easier.When finished we hope it will hold a ton of hay & our Grain Cans. Oh What a Great Day it will be to have that out of the goat house. The Goat House is my little sanctuary by the Ranch House. Last Weekend George Framed the hay shelter & laid the roof Sheeting. I was on the Tractor moving a pile of dirt that was in Shawns way. Shawn Had a Noble Goal, he was planting Oat Grass in the lower turnout pen. Shawn was busy doing the prep work to plant the seeds. This Spring the horses will have twice as much Oat Grass to eat. I had knocked down a substantial amount of Manzanita earlier in the week. Shawn had his work cut out for him pulling all the brush to the burn pile. Where it still sits today lol I guess that makes it a wait pile. That brings us to this last weekend. Saturday George roofed 2/3 of the hay shelter. That was all the roofing the Home depot had in stock. I spend the day cleaning Pecan & Sarahs side of the Goat Shelter. Sunday George & I worked together to put the felt on the Hay Shelter wall . Then we used the wood slabs (mill ends) from cousins mill to make ship lap siding on the shortest wall on the hay shelter. Awh it looks nice from the house. LOL Two more walls to go!
Today I got up bright and early and made a Memory page of my Dear Grand Daughter. Last Thursday we went to the park. It was Aleene's first time. Case (DGS) had a good time on all the play structures while Melynda pushed Aleene on the swing. I sat in the sand and held Curly (service dog in training) shielding him from curious little ones. All & all it was a Good Time!

Here are Todays Memory Pages of My Family. Again I used Princess Ava & Princess Avas Dress Up Jeans both kits from Brenda Mascari. (a very nice honest lady) This is a wonderful kit perfect for a day on the swings. I extracted the butterflys from the background paper and scattered them over the top of the photos. It was a nice switch to just open the folder grab a picture drop it on a LO and not have to fiddle around trying to make the picture good enough to print. Maybe I will lighten the pictures before I print the page. I don't flatten my originals because I usually go back later and tweak it before printing. Also I tend to copy things I have done to another page. On the Grandma Time Page I just couldn't get the color of the pictures right so I gave up and converted all the pictures in the cluster to B&W. I think it Looks Right Smart. I don't want to forget to tell you that lovely Flourish was created by 88 Designs by M. I just love her hand drawn elements.

Here are more Navy pictures of George. The initials on the Mermaid element D.B.F stands for Diesel Boats Forever. Georges Sub was a Diesel Electric. These Memory Pages are made with paper & elements That you can find in A Very Navy Christmas by Brenda Mascari

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