Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Daily Chore
A Quote Challenge Memory Page

Yesterday Was Clean The Corral By Hand Day.
Well OK I did have a Manure Fork & A Rolling Muck Bucket.

Why I Chose to do it when George had the key to the Mule (UTV) Heaven only knows. Maybe I needed the exercise. It only took me about and Hour & a Half to pitch & tote all that poo across the Hillside. LOL The Corral looks all Pretty now and George didn't even notice. Shawn will notice that the Water Bars have Grown! I love to fertilize this way. I just pile the manure & wood chip mix (Kona grounds it together so nicely) in a row across the hillside. When it rains the water & silt catch behind the manure bar stopping the erosion. The Best part is the manure tea that seeps out the other side. Awh manure tea fertilizing the pasture and I don't even
have to carry any buckets of water. We the fact that we don't have deep crevices in our Hillside is a Really Good Thing!
I wanted to thank you for snatching my tag. Sorry there was no place to comment. On my end it said to sign in to leave a comment I can't figure out where to change it.

Yestarday after playing in the horse poo. I spend the day making a Memory page for Mitsybelle Quote Challenge at SAS.
When my page was all done I realized I forgot to down size to 8x8. Ughhh. I said oh well and uploaded it anyways. Well it didn't take long & couldn't stand it! The LO just didn't look right and it was the wrong size so I redid it in 8x8. Luckily I got to keep all the extraction work :0). All the ways needed was to resize Mitsybelle QP and add a new frame layered on top of the QP frame which was now to big. Resize the quote and make a new tie hook for the tag. OK I could have made a quickie LO in the time it took me to do all that LOL The end product was worth the extra work and now I am so Please with it, George has seen this picture in several LOs and agreed that this is the perfect one for it!

I have to tell you about Teddy the lap dog. In this picture we hadn't had Teddy but a couple of months when this was taken. We new that Benny needed a replacement and Cody was turning into ranch Dog. Benny insisted we go to the pound one late October afternoon when we got there we told them I was looking for a dog I could train to replace my service dog. They sent us to see the Flat Coat. There was Teddy nice & quite with those Big Root beer Saucer Eyes. Well it didn't take long to figure out he could not handle the Stress of taking care of me, but he sure would be good for Al. Benny came out to meet him and approved. That evening we drove home in my truck with to large dogs and to large adults in the cab of my truck. Right from the start as soon as anyone sat in a recliner Teddy was in your lap. It so amazing how comfortable he is there for being a 60 lb dog. Teddy still sits in Al's lap for morning coffee but this summer he decided that the floor was fine most of the time.

I Just love this new Kit I used for Al Dinning Well Memory Page. The Boyish Stuff Kit has Rich Colors & Fun Musical Elements perfect for so many pictures in your stash! I downloaded the Quick Page that is the base of this LO from Mitsybelles Blog. Then I added more paper frames and additional elements to it. From the Boyish Stuff kit itself. You should Know by now I just have to add on Digi Goodies.
There is still time to join the Quote Challenge over at SAS. Have a go at it! I am sure you have a dining photo you have been trying to figure out what to do with. This Quote "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well."
by Virginia Woolf
will inspire you. Best of all you get a Really Cool Posting Bonus!

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