Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Birthday George

George enjoyed his recent Birthday Dinner with our Kids at the Ranch SAS had the Perfect Ad Challenge for Georges Birthday Page. Melynda Took this Stellar Picture of her Dad on his Birthday! I used Mitsybelle's Boyish Stuff Kit to make this page. I guess I just like this kit, I keep using it. LOL
A Heritage Page
The Busy Weekend
I Have Been Tagged

My First Collaborate Kit
A Very Navy Christmas

Don't you just Love all the Goodies in this Preview Brenda Mascari, Softerimagegrl-Angelia C & I Contributed to this Special Kit! I just love to do "Extraction" so that was my contribution to this kit. George shared some of his Navy Memorabilia and I extracted them. Then Brenda added little goodies to some of my extractions to make them Extra Special Softerimagegrl-Angelia C Provided some Awesome Frames. Brenda's Son took pictures from the Ship he Serves On. Brenda made papers from these wonderful pictures. Brenda also made plenty of other fun things to this kit "A Very Navy Christmas"

Oh I Love My Uncle Fritz
I just Loved hanging with my Uncle Fritz but don't have many pictures of him.
Here is a Memory Page I made for Boos SAS Color Challenge.
Hope on over gab Boos kit or one of the wonderful shared kits.
Don't forget to make a memory page. Just for playing and collecting you get another mini kit made by Boo. It is a part of Dinner at 7 Posting Bonus earned for every challenge you complete.
For my Memory Page I used Boos free kit from the challenge Plum Pudding plus I dropped a book from Kristi's Christmas Kit "Home For The Holidays" I purchased it at SAS Yesterday.
Pages made with Winter Warmth by Mitsybelle
This last weekend was very busy. To start I printed 100 of my 8x8 Finished Memory Pages Trimmed and loaded them in the albums I had. there is still a stack that need albums & George is on the sale hunt to get more. he he he Shawn came to join us. Well Shawn came to fix his truck, Really. But that turned into helping Mom & Dad. When Shawn found out he had more broken parts then he thought. His project came to a halt. Rather than watch Shawn put his transmission back together only to take it apart the next weekend, I loaned him Big Blue (my truck)
This Memory Page made with Falling Into Autumn by Brenda Mascari
Shawn is So Sweet he spend Sunday helping George put up the ship lap siding on the new hay shelter. Then the guys brought up 3 bales of hay for me to feed this week. Shawn also helped me clean Rusty & Caramel's Night Pen (The Goats) Super Shawn came to the rescue & helped. George helped spread the sawdust too. All three of us working side by side like a family
"It Was So Cool!"
But Wait There Is More!
Melynda and her family were coming for dinner to Celebrate George's Birthday! He had a Nice Dinner Party with plenty of Family Time! George and I both had a Great Time Holding our Granddaughter Aleene! Lots of laughs and some serious conversation too. Shawn & Case played games too. All I need now is some LO Mojo to build some more memory pages.
I have been Tagged!
I will have to play along in my next post. It is really late now

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