Monday, November 3, 2008

It's Raining! It's Windy!
I did it again Ugh! Went to feed in my good Clothes and Shoes. With the weather the way it is I came back in the house with some nice Smelly Wet go to town shoes. I better pull out those mud boots! At least I made the mistake during the night feeding. My shoes where clean when I ran to the Country Store for some of my favorite wine. Forestville Wine quickly becomes a favorite with my friends I share it with. I have been missing my glass of wine with dinner! So Glad I got that problem resolved! While I was out, I treated myself to an Organic Grilled Chicken Sandwich, with some Organic Crunchy Cheese Puffs and washed it down with some Raspberry Kombucha. Ah a Healthy Lunch before my Cardiac Dinner of Tri-tip, Roast Potato with Gravy on top & a few Roasted Carrots. How is that for hitting both ends of the Food Chain?

This afternoon the wind came up triggering the Goats to beg to go in the Winter House. Oh No I am not cleaning that everyday! Not when those Goats have fur coats and have a nice Big Covered House with tarps to shield them from the weather. I guess those spoiled goats have learned that mom is more stubborn then a Goat! he he he All is quiet and the goats are where I want them. I did feel sorry for them and they got extra grain tonight.

In Yesterdays Post I mentioned that the guys worked at diverting the water away from the goats. The fix worked like a charm! All that water is going where we want it!! With sawdust on the main paths we now have a handle on the mud.
Today I created 2 Doggie Memory Pages with a New Kit Princess Ava from Brenda Mascari. Princess Ava is a fun kit to build your Precious Princess Pages with. There are many Very Girly Pink elements. Well my Dogs are Boys, sooooo you will not see those cute girly elements on my doggy page. But there where plenty of Goodies in the kit to Make My Curly a Prince!

Princess Ava Dress Up Jeans is a Posting Bonus for the SAS Designer Give Away Challenge. This Challenge is a Bargain Hunters Dream! When you sign up for the Challenge you get a 50% off coupon for Princess Ava. Then after you build your page and share it in the Gallery, you receive the add on kit Princess Ava Dress Up Jeans. Notice that Cody is a Handsome Man Dog so we left the Pretty Girly elements for another page. But there where Plenty of Goodies to Compliment Our Big Love Bug! Watch for the posting of the DGAW Challange at SAS this month.

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Charlie's Nana said...

You made me hungry. LOL
Love you stories about your animals.