Sunday, November 2, 2008

This Beautiful Memory Page of Super Kona
was made with Sweater Weather by Digimom Designs

Was Yesterday Fun or What!

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Today was Ranch Chore Day!

It has been raining here at the ranch quite a bit. So much so that the Goat House was getting Soggy. My Son says they are spoiled. he he he That would be why they are called the Spoiled Rotten Gang. Today the guys tried to remedy that soggy feeling for the Poor Sweeties. The Goats got Gutters & then the water coming from our yard has now been diverted to another area. I of course was spoiling the goats some more. My Sweetie Pecan was treated with a toy in there soggy abode. (a boat fender on a rope). Pecan gave me Big Lovin for that one.

My other chore today was for Sweet Amber. It seems that she needed her tootsies (hoofs) trimmed. Big job for a girl like me! The horses got spoiled with horse cookies and more cookies.

Of course after all our hard work we treated ourselves to dinner & a movie at home.

This older Horse Page is of Kona & Amber Soaking Up The Sun on a warm February day in 2008. I had combined 3 kits made by the Designers at A Cherry On Top. This memory page was made February 28, 2008. Here are the credits = Created in Photo Shop Elements 6 using BG paper, Bracket, Safety Pin from DSD by Corina Nielsen, Flower from Harvest Time by Kim Hill, Cardboard & Twine from Element Essentials by Peggy Brutcher


Kimberkatt said...

Hi Diana!!!

I love your blog! And I really love your layouts! I always find myself looking in the SAS gallery for your newest!! You are really inspiring! And you have the best pictures of your animals!! :D

Hope you have a great day! :)

Anonymous said...

Great job with the blog, Diana! I've enjoyed looking at all of your wonderful layouts.