Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mend The Fence
Knock Down Brush
Scrap a Challenge

Yesterday was Go To Town Day. After the town chores were taken care of we headed to Cousins for Sawdust and Mill Slabs. Cousins is a Beautiful Place with Beautiful People. See for yourself at McGuires Place . After a nice visit and some heavy lifting we headed home at dusk with our treasures. We a Grateful for the sawdust to make the animals Sweet Smelling, Comfortable & Dry. We are also Grateful for the Mill Slabs that will someday side the Horses Winter Shelter. Our Joy turned to irritation when we arrived home to find Miss Trouble Maker Carmel & her Partner in Crime Rusty out of their pasture! The damage to the grapes was already done so we headed of to do the feeding chores. That would lead us to this morning. No Animals received breakfast until the fence got a temporary fix. The fix was good but Carmel proceeded to pull down the fence next to the fix more repairs tomorrow.

Today was Knock Out Some Brush Day. Seems like there is a Hick-Up in everything I try to do these days! Today was no different. After starting the tractor I noticed the gauges weren't working and thought " No Biggy Today" so I get to my job site wiggle my way into the tress & brush happily knock out several manzanita and push them out of the way. Then it happens, I notice that the temperature gauge is working and the fuel gauge is still on Empty I am at the bottom of the hill! So I wiggled my way back out of the trees and headed up the hill. The tractor coughed a bit grabbing at that last little bit of fuel in the tank. I joyously made it to the fuel can. That big bulky clumsy Fuel can is such a pain in the you know where! To top it off the Propane shows up and watches me fight that Stupid California Environmentally Friendly Fuel Can!!! It is not back friendly and I spill more with it and always end up with a back ache! Anyways I returned to the project and knocked more Brush Down then expected. The brush awaits Super Shawn to set Chokers for me, so it can be hauled to the Burn Pile. Oh I Love That Kubota! Chores done its back to the warm house to Clean the Espresso Machine and Play on the computer.
So here is where I tell you all about my Great Memory Page of the day! Well another Hick-Up I finished this Thanksgiving Page only to my dismay I couldn't find the thread that explains how to enter the Challenge . Well i am sure Candee will give me some direction. Until then it sits in Amberponys SAS Galllery all lonesome. Huraay !!!! for Alder Creek she gave me the link to the Challenge thread. Without further ado here comes the credits for page 1 of Thanksgiving 2007.
Font = SBC Distressed Typwriter
Thanksgiving Font = Nasty
Word Art = NDSD Chat Freebie By Brenda Mascari
Bg Paper, Frame = Friendship Brew by Laras Digiworld
BG Torn Paper, Flower, Tag, Butterfly = Vintageberry by Booland Designs
Look it is Page 2
Oh I had so much Fun with all the different Friendship Brew Kits from the SAS Designers
Font = SBC Distressed Typewriter
Bug Frame = Science Fair by Brenda Mascari
Word Art = Friendship Brew by Darlene Haughin
Bow = Friendship Brew by Mamrotka
Bg Paper, Frame = Friendship Brew by Laras Digiworld
BG Torn Paper, Flower, Frame Rap = Vintageberry by Booland Designs

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