Monday, August 16, 2010

Kona Memory Page
Well I hoped to post a Happy LO here first back, But I had some sad News to Share

My Kona Passed Away Today.
If you have any of my kits Kona is the Horse on my PU TOU. Kona has also been my Latest Avatar.

Kona and I have been Best Friends since he was 2 1 year old. We Spent our Adult Years together. Kona is almost everything Horsey about me.


Anonymous said...

I have been trying to contact you. It never goes thru. Maybe this time. Very sorry to hear about Kona. I have said so many thing but the computer keeps eating the words. Sorry I missed your call. Sorry to hear about Kona. We will always thatnk you and Kona for the gifts you gave us.

Gidget and Don

Amberpony Creates said...

Awh Thanks I thought the Gang there at the Feather Bed Inn would want to Know. Kona had a Great Time There. It was part of his Last Horra.

I had to turn off my comment feature for the summer because someone was tring to crash my computer through Blogger. I hope that this problum has been solved. BTW They are still trying to Crash my computer. But at the moment the new blogger controls are working