Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Teddy Big Day
Today Teddy had one of his Biggest Molers Extracted.
A few months back Cody (the Great Perynese) Bit Teddy in the Head While Asserting His Authority. It Cracked Teddy's Tooth. Since we have been moving Teddy just Bucked it up and Hid the pain most of the time. Last Week when I got home Poor Teddy looked pretty Pitiful. After looking in his mouth I could see the tooth was rotting. We took Teddy to the vet Saturday and got some antibiotics and an appointment to have his Teeth Cleaned. With the expectation of have the tooth extracted. Today was the Big Day. Teddy Marched Right into the Vets Office and wanted to Head Straight for the back. That is Right Teddy was Eagerly Heading for the Procedure. He is so Smart! After All Daddy Al felt so much better after he had his teeth taken out. Tonight Teddy is enjoying his pain meds and relaxing happily.