Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Goat Grandma!!!
Last Night Pecan Had Twins. That Rusty is good at making one of each. A Girl to Keep and a Boy to Eat. Pecan has been reported as being a Great Mom! The Three some are Happily hanging out in the Goat House Safe and Warm. George and Shawn Are Giving them Great Care. Grandma (me) will be arriving in a few days to start the wee ones on their daily trips into the Great (Small Paddock) Outdoor Adventure! Sara Trained Pecan Well. The Wee ones were Birthed inside the Goat Cage Safe and Warm, Of course Before George Got Home so he didn't have to Fret. Just Take them into there Special Warmer Safer House

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Aldercreek said...

Awwww! Baby goats are so cute. You should post pictures.