Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thanks For Your Votes
I Made It To Round 4!!!!!!
Thanks Again
So this is the Whole Enchilada!!!!! From 71 contestants to 10 Wow and I am one of the 11! I am Amazed!!!! I just want to Thank Everyone that took the time to vote for me. Enjoy that little add on I posted Thursday Afternoon. Remember there is a QP also.
I will be off line for the next 3 to 4 days Creating My Fingers & Mind right off. To make a Smashing Kit that will turn Heads. Well that would be My Hope anyways. LOL It will be unique like me I am sure so be ready to download another Amberpony Creates Original!!!
See You All on Monday or Tuesday with Bells On....
*A Special Thanks to George For my Fancy New Computer so that I was able to Create much more easily during this contest. Maybe I will Finally open that 3 way Printer and Give it's Scanner a go this round .....grin....Maybe it is better that computer is not on the Internet yet, so I can focus on creating instead of chatting. LOL

*A Special Thanks Goes To Al for doing all The Chores When we weren't Shed building so that I could get my Kits Finished on time these last 2 rounds....

*Another Special Thanks to my Cheering Section that pushed me into this contest and then pushed me along to believe in myself so that I would do the advertising that was needed to get the votes.

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Veelana said...

Congratulations! We did it! (does a "Dora" dance)