Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back Country
I am stopping by to mention that I have taken down the links to my kit "Back Country" It was pointed out that there were a couple of small boo boo in it. So I thought I would fix them. Honestly I have not looked yet. When it is all looked over when i am not tired I will Post it here as Freebie for one week.

This is a Memory Page I made with it. This is where I got the Photos.

So Keep an eye out this kit will be back some time in October.

~~~~All Links Have Been Disabled~~~~
Sorry to say but I am taking down my kits. Going to revamp them to my liking and then pop them up one at a time as a week long Freebie....Then I will save them for a future store
I Am On The Look Out For A Christian Country Store To Join
Drop me a line.

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Rebecca said...

I just saw your comment today, so sorry I didn't see it in time to vote for you! I love your kits, and congrats on making it to round 4! I actually posted on my blog today, but it's not scrapping or horse related.