Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Oakridge Morons are at it again!!!!
Today I went to use my Tractor and my rear light had the wiring ripped apart. My spare attachment for changing my implement had been partially removed and my Fuel Tank had been Drained! Yestarday it seemed odd the the Hydrolic Fluid was pouring out of my sterring faster then before and the weather was colder. It seems that the screw that holds the steering seal nice and tight was turned up the threads. This never happened at the ranch and I work it soooooo much harder there. Doesn't that seem suspious. Not to mention someone loosened the lug nuts on my truck wheel that has no Hub Cab. But they seem to have tightened them back up. What makes people think they should violate their neighbors. Ughh If they would leave me alone long enough to finish fixing my house and yard I would put the place on the Market. Who are they to dictate how long I stay home and what I do here? Oh if they would only do something I could have the State Police Come and investigate. Dam Drug Addicts!!!!! I was all content to mind my own business and ignore them but Not Now they will not Chase Me Out! If They want a War Just Wait until I catch them on Security Cameras and wont all the neighbors love the lights on all night to get a good picture! Maybe they will stop at this one thing but if they don't I will have to start focusing on all that crap instead of fixing up the place. Oakridge Morons someone should put them away for a long time instead of slapping them on the wrist. I am not Crazy and those with half a brain now that!


Tammy Gary said...

I don't know why people have so much devilment! Could it be taking Prayer away and losing Family morals? The stupid drugs are not helping the situation! We had some teens walk into our fenced in yard and try to steal a moped, Boy were they surprised when my DH drove up and chanced them down with the car, LOL! They didn't got the Moped but we didn't catch them either.
Good luck and let's pray for your protection!

Amberpony Creates said...

I have Decided to Put a Cattle Electric Fence around my tractor that way when they get knocked on their Ass from the Jolt they have not a leg to stand on. how do they explain that they were in my back yard going through a fence that only contained my tractor.