Thursday, July 30, 2009

Camping Memory Page
~~~~~~~~~~~Page made using my kit Country Girl. Take not the background paper is the blue paper from my kit with an overlay I made on it. I am thinking, That Paper just might find its way into my next kit Country Man
Can You believe it I Got To Go Camping!!!!!
Well it took to flat tires on the cargo trailer to get me a well deserved cheap vacation. $300 for 5 days including food and 4 wheeling in my truck. ;0)
That's right on our way to Oregon we lost the valve stem on one of the tires while we were relaxing in a rest stop in Corning California. So after we had put the comfy chairs away I noticed that poor soft tire with a whole 5 lbs of air in it. Al being a trooper changed that tire in 100degree weather. We were off again with our sites on Chiliquin Oregon and cooler temps to sleep for the night. Well it seems that that the other tire had other plans and at the next rest stop I noticed it was getting softer. So it was straight to Lake Head where we pulled into a Forest Service Campground for the night maybe two. Al took my truck the next afternoon back down the hill to where we just came from. lol When he came back we decided to stay for a while. Our campground was right on Shasta Lake with polite families camping. here and there. Every day we decided to stay another. LOL we took my truck to the top of the mountain and then down to another lake to the bottom of the creek and back up the hill where we turned around decided it was to hot to 4 wheel without air conditioning and my truck didn't belong where we were going. LOL. As another day passed our neighboring campers told us how to get my truck to the waters of Shasta. The next day we drove right down to the water and went for a swim. We had Great Fun every afternoon we would run to the corner market that had a good selection and bought food to BBQ. Corn on the Cob, Steak, Onions & Potatoes. Yum Yum. Breakfast was left overs and camp coffee. i finally figured out that if you turn off the heat the grounds fall to the bottom and you can pull that coffee out ground free with a ladle. Yumm Yumm. The days were fill with unlimited cubed ice in my Beer or Water for Al until we found Mexican Punch mix at the store. We Relaxed, Drink, Played, Swam, and where happy with no cares in the world except sharing dinner with the Bees. The Best Flat Tire Ever. LOL

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