Sunday, April 19, 2009

Memory Page Of ME!!!!
Whats up in Oakridge
Work For RV & Horse Space Wanted
For those of you that have forgotten what I look like, Here You Go!!!
Awh So I Feel Much Better Now! So to Celebrate and to Thank Al for taking care of me we worked in the shop these last 4 days. Oh so much to do and so little time! It all started with those cabinets I posted about earlier. To install them we had to bleach them, then we had to empty out the front half of the shop. First step in empting the front half of the shop we had to replace a shelf and add 2 more shelves. So 2 days later it is time to install the cabinets but wait there is more stuff in the way. This time we decided to hauled it all outside and decided to make more shelves later. Once the cabinets were in new used plywood top and all. BTW the Work Bench (Cabinet) Top was made from part of my stair landing. (8' landing was a bit much- now it is a 4' landing) We are so Green our whole project was made with used materials we saved, found on the property when I bought it or were given to me. Green Green Green. So now the cabinets are in and the area in front of the shop is still full of all that stuff that makes us Green. LOL Time to build more Shelves. Which leads us to this Memory Page. LOL There ya have it what it took to install 2 cabinets.
This Memory Page was Created using Mitsybelles kit Wishful Thinking. Such a Playful Kit this is! I actually used so many more elements than planned, they were just so cute I had to use them. LOL
SAS Big Bash In May

There is a Big Bash Going on at SAS in May! We all get to have a shot at designing the new look. With Plenty of fun and games Along The Way. Hop over to Mitsybelles Blog to get the skinny it was posted a few days back. I will post the Addy here when I get a chance. It is off to the Ranch tomorrow to take care of business.
Looking For Work
By the Middle of May I hope to be searching for a Work For RV & Horse Space. I am Looking Now! So if you need some Good Old Country Girl Know How and chores to be done. I really enjoy cleaning stalls and working with Horses, Sheep & Goats. Plus I know how from Years of Experience raising, training and saving starved ones. Give me a heads up! I have a 5th Wheel that is 27' long buildt in 1989 that I can live in. My Horse is a Love Bug, Character as you can see by his many Memory Pages on this Blog. I have my own Nice Looking Reliable Truck & Horse Trailer. I am willing to supply my own tractor if things work out and me and my horse are happy for more then a month. Contact me at

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Tammy Gary said...

I am wishing you lived closer to help me make bird feeders, LOL! Good luck finding work!