Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Updated Aleene Memory Pages

Here are 2 more memory pages that I just had to update before printing them out. I have printed 12 memory pages this go round.

My Happy Little Angel Playing on this lovely page needed a little help. I am sorry to those that downloaded this QP. I seemed to have flattened my layers in the wrong order which left the lace on top of the border instead of tucked underneath. On this version of the QP I cover up the bow (which I should have left off the QP live & learn) by Selecting a piece of my photo and creating a layer via copy. Then I just erased the part I didn't want. BTW that is how I cleaned up the lace and removed the sentiment on the upper left hand frame. Aah it is amazing how quickly a page comes together when you look at it with fresh eyes. Here are the Page Credits Title Font = Occidental, Date Font= Pristina & The Kit used is "Forgotten Dreams" by Cens StuffYou may remember an earlier version of this memory page. I made it for the SAS Picasso Challenge. I had to draw a Heart. well no matter how much I fused with it I never did like it Sooooo before printing it out today I I grabbed the kit that the QP was made from "For Little Girls Sugar & Spice by Mitsybelle" Then I started Decorating! This is what I ended up printing. I really like that Stitched Outside Border it added such a soft touch to the LO.


Tammy Gary said...

Thanks for stopping by my Blog today, I haven't updated any pages yet, I do rescrap pictures, though, be sure before you print to change Angle to Angel in your title, I have printed quite a few before catching a misspell or wrong date, or Worse have someone else catch it, LOL!
Aleene and Charli must be pretty close in age, Charli turned 1 January 20.

Amberpony Creates said...

I like it when people point out my misspellings. I printed one out already.
She is my Angel but she is at a Happy Little Angle LOL
Maybe I will change it to Happy Little Angel Angle LOL
Thanks Tammy