Thursday, December 18, 2008

Aleene & Melynda Memory Pages
My Camera Has Returned
Hurray For Best Buy!
A Camera Review
My First Memory Page for a project I am working on for Christmas.
I got the albums loaded and realized there where holes in them.
So here is the first & second add on
Aleene Decorating From Inside
Last year I brought a Real Tree!
Melynda came and brought Aleene to help George decorate the house. I got to watch because I was nursing a concussion. We all had a Great Time! Shawn out it perfecting when he commented that he enjoyed Melynda remembering the history of the Christmas ornaments as she unwrapped each one.
Word Art = Brenda Mascari & Amberpony from Dotty Christmas
Bells = Jingle Bells by Charlie's Digiscraps
Blue Background Paper = Baby Its Cold Outside by DigiMom Designs
Tree = Booland Designs
Rudolph , Red Photo Matt Paper = Rudolph The red Nose Reindeer by Mamrotka
Candy Cane = Deck The Halls by Mitsybelle
Frame = Up On The Roof Top by Jeantette Bollinger

Aleenes First Days Home Page 2
This Memory Page was created using Beautiful Babes by Mitsybelle
A little more info on the making of this LO
Created in PhotoShop elements 6
Font = Pristina
Star = Bit Of Bling by Mitsybelle
Main Frame Made using Beautiful Babes Paper and a Bevel
Heart from Beautiful Babes with Glass Button Effect added
Beautiful Babes & Beautiful Babes Add On by Mitsybelle.
My Camara Has Returned well a newer version has. Lets start at the beginning.
I recieved a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3 for my birthday last year. It has a Anti- shake feature!
This has enabled me to take non blurring pictures again. I Love the 28mm wide angle Leica Lens Too!
Every time I get a new camera it is so much better then the last one. This time I stepped up from an Olympus Stylus 410 with 4 megapixel, 3x optical 12x digital zoom. All three of my past digital cameras were Olympus Stylus and they have a sliding cover over the lens. This time around I got the Panasonic because it has the Leica Lens and that bump on the end of the camera for a hand hold. I need that bump for my dropsy problem that gets worse every year. Here is the problem the Panasonic: Like many camera's on the market that have a lens cover that is spring loaded and can be pushed open with your finger. I originally got the display model at a good deal NOT!!! The Lens was scratched and we had to return it. Now we come to a year later, I love everything about my camera except that piece of crap lens cover. Think about it anything that is going to hurt your lens is going to have more then that slight pressure that it takes to open that lens cover. I guess that makes it a dust cover. My mistake, ahh but the lens still gets this annoying line of dust on it. Well you guessed it The Lens got scratched. This leaves white circles on your pictures where the scratch is. In this case the white spots only happened in bright light. After Thanksgiving we took the camara back to Best Buy to use the
warranty we bought with it. I must mention we took it to the Auburn California Store and my Warranty had my Oregon Address on it. Always get the warranty on the digital camara! Best Buy happily took my camera and sent it to the the manufacture who Sent my camera to my house in Oregon instead of back to the store. Ugh it is the Holidays and I am in California
until New Years! Duhhh if I wanted it shipped to Oregon I would have taken the camara to the Best Buy near my house. ugh Well I got so upset, if you are a scrapbooker you would know how I felt. Dear Hubby called Best Buy in Auburn and got the Manager and explained to him that we couldn't drive 400 miles in a snow storm just to get the camera. Low and behold Best Buy in Auburn gave me a new camera! So I have my baby back and right away the dogs started poising for the camera LOL. I might mention that they gave me the camera that they carried in the store now. The new design is a little smaller, which makes it harder for me to hold on to. This makes it harder to take pictures. This camera weighs less too. This Camera is also 9.1 megapixels instead of 7.1. They crammed another button on top of the camara making it harder to turn the camara on. The manual zoom is harder to use and I am sure it is because of the shorten up body length. Honestly if I wanted to go more compact I would not be buying that fancy Big Lens with all the features! If I want compact I would go with a point and shot with a pertected lens like my last Olympus. Compact to me means drop it in your pocket whip it out and shoot in adversre conditions. My Panasonic has so many features I loved to use. This camara is a great compromise when you can't afford an SLR. I want the bigger size so I can hold the camara steady when I take a picture.


Today was move the Hay Day. Al & I moved 12 heavy bales up from the hay storage. We almost filled the new little hay shelter at the goat house. There are 16 bales in there now. It looks like the little shelter could hold 22 bales that would be just the amount I am willing to put on my Blue Baby. The 16 bales in the goat house should last about a month and a half. It is so nice to just grab the hay and feed instead of hauling it up the hill before feeding everday. My me zone in the Goat House feels so much cleaner with out hay in it too! It seems theat

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