Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why I Love To Scrap in 2008

The reasons I scrap seems to change as life goes on.
I started because it was fun to play with my pictures. Cutting them with scissors (gasp). Then I liked having them in a Binder with little notes about the picture. I enjoyed printing clipart that added to the theme .
Then in the late 90’s I moved on to saving memories for the family (My Folks) Making more of theirs then mine. I faithfully scanned in my folks pics so that I could print them for me later. Borrowing pictures to scan was like going on a treasure hunt. Ah still working on that put them in the album part. he he I digi scrapped for gifts because it made others happy to get the album pages all finished and I could produce the same page 20 at a time
Then I did it to make me happy. To laugh at the fun we had. To remember why I did the things I did. To catch life before it pasted me by & I forgot it happened. I did more & more Hybrid Scrapping as it got easier.
Now I mostly digi scrap because I am hardly ever near my stash. Digi scrapping allows me to Multi Task my wasted time. It is so addicting to surf the internet and visit with scrappers (does that count) but while I am surfing I can work on a page. Also I scrap to relax & entertain my brain. I like to paper scrap still. I call it playing with my “Paper Dolls. Paper scrapping makes me feel free from all burdens because that is my quiet time and everyone leaves me alone.
Look I can put this on a All About Me LO lol

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