Saturday, September 29, 2012

Horses Make My World Go Round

Never Made it to Washington. Truck was not making me feel safe for the trip. 

Bringing a new horse home soon and have room to bring another back with me to Oregon.

 Jazzie always catches my eye. Pedigree on all breed: 

If you are a Paint Lover Check out this album on facebook.. Might find the Flashy Girl of your Dreams. There are Plenty of Paint and High Foundation Quarter Horses to choose from. Many ages are available from a Responsible Breeder in Washington State.

I am heading up soon to pick up a mare and have room to bring home an extra. Now is your chance to get a Solid Healthy Horse at a competitive price with a Disposition Guaranty. Many Colors & Sizes to choose from.

I really Like this Mare. "Sprite" Find her Pedigree here.

Joey Started to get ready to ride.
Joey is Doing Well and Has Matured into a solid nice size horse. No Idea how big he really is. It just depends on his mood. Talk about a horse that can blow himself Up. Lets Just say it is impressive. 
Learning about the saddle.

One Day Joey wanted to make me feel better and bugged me to put the saddle on then he started pushing me to get on. So with the stirrups to long I got on. When Joey was finished he wanted me to get off. He is a Good Boy and I am excited to work with Joey again. 

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