Sunday, May 9, 2010

Journal Camp Memory Page
Kit For The Name Guess
This is my Precious Baby Girl
From of Course My Precious Pecan Pie
Baby Girl is the name I call all my wee little girls until I give them a name. This year was so hectic my Baby Girl did not get a name and so she thinks her name is Baby Girl. Oh what a Task to find her a name as sweet as she is. Then to convince Baby Girl to come to a new name. Hmmmmm She may for ever be Baby Girl.
Font is Nanas Hand and the Template is form Nanis Journal Camp (click the ad to your right) The Journal Camp is Free. The Kit is from my ever rebuild of Country Girl.
Thank You to DigidesDesigns and Carmen of Lightning Bug Creations For Offering a name for Triscuts Wee One. I want to say thanks and offer you my kit Irish Fun which is Great for any Mountain Memory Page.  BTW I named her Muffin. She is my Squeezable Muffin

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Nani said...

Such a sweetie! I've been fawning over baby animals in the country all day today. Great layout!